CPP Podcast: SEC Preview

October 23, 2017

Sean Bock and Brad Krepppel preview the SEC conference. We talk about every team, incoming freshmen, and give our picks for SEC Player of the Year! This is one episode of our conference preview series! Next week is PAC-12 week!


CPP Podcast: Big 12 Preview

October 16, 2017

Brad Kreppel is joined by Sean Bock and Duncan Hensley to discuss the Big 12 from bottom to top. 


CPP Podcast Big East Preview

October 3, 2017

Brad Kreppel and Sean Bock are back to open up the season preview series talking about the Big East. We breakdwon each Big East team with their new players and give our picks for conference player and coach of the year. 


CPP Podcast: Interview with Bobby Reagan

July 26, 2017

Brad Kreppel and Mark Stouffer talk with Bobby Reagan about a variety of topics around college basketball.


CPP Podcast: Recruiting and Scheduling Talk

July 20, 2017

The core 4 of IU and Big Ten hoops are here to breakdown recruiting, Marvin Bagley, and scheduling. We have a special guest for our next podcast so be sure to look out for that.


CPP Podcast: NBA Draft Awards Show

June 30, 2017

The crew is back for the second part of our NBA Draft show. In this portion of the show we give out awards to NBA teams, players, GM's for various honors. Congrats to all those who won! Be sure to check us out on twitter @edupridepress.


CPP Podcast: NBA Draft Recap Part 1

June 28, 2017

Brad Kreppel is joined by Sean Bock, Duncan Hensley, Ryan Dahlkamp, and Brett Siegel to discuss everything that went on in the NBA Draft. We break down our favorite and least favorite picks as well as some of the top college players who went undrafted. Our Part 2 podcast with the awards show will be posted tomorrow!


CPP Podcast: Offseason News and NBA Draft Preview

June 22, 2017

Brad Kreppel is joined by Zach Beeler and Mark Stouffer to discuss offseason news including Butler and Ohio State getting new coaches and the Lousiville saga. In the second half of the show a special guest joins the pod to help preview the NBA Draft. 


CPP Podcast: Live NBA Mock Draft

May 25, 2017

Hosts Brett Siegel and Brad Kreppel recruited a number of CPP writers to be NBA GM's for an hour as we did a live mock draft. Each writer was assigned a number of teams and made the picks for each team as we went through the first round. Be sure to check out the chart of all the picks at collegepridepress.com


CPP Podcast: Bleacher Report’s Kerry Miller Joins the Podcast

May 19, 2017

Hosts Sean Bock and Bradley Kreppel chat with Bleacher Report's College Basketball writer Kerry Miller. We discuss a range of topics from NBA Draft decisions to recruits and looking forward to next season! You can find Kerry on twitter @kerrancejames. Thanks to Kerry for coming on the podcast!